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Solar Energy - Car Charging Stations - Making Business Green

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Solutions on Offer


  • Lower your utility cost
  • Promote your sustainability and green activities

Property Managers

  • Turn your parking area into a revenue source
  • Upgrade to a electric-car friendly lot at no cost


  • Decrease your home’s operating cost
  • Teach you kids about your impacts on the planet


  • Create stability in your costs
  • Gain a competitive edge

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Global Power Solutions LLC is a renewable energy services company based in central New Jersey. We specialize in helping homeowners, companies and governments reduce their carbon footprint, lower their utility requirements and control their energy futures. Having a thriftless home, and inefficient business or a wasteful public space is simply not an option.

Unfortunately, wise long term choices can run counter to smart thinking for today, this month or this year. Global Power Solutions bridges that gap and helps you do the right thing, today. It would be our pleasure to evaluate your situation and advise you at no cost on what options could be a good fit for your budget and long-term plans. Every building has certain needs. The most effective and most economical way to plan for those needs is to do it today when incentives are high.

Please explore your options in the links above and when you’re ready to talk with someone, contact us. Finding solutions is our job. Our trained specialists look at every situation uniquely and explain every solution in simple, easy to understand terms. We’ll review your plans, suggest strategies, go over your financial options, find you affordable funding and get the work done.